The WHY’s, HOW to’s and WHAT now’s of Making a Bed

I did not realize as I set out to write about how to make a bed that I would end up writing a kind of “self-help”-esque blog post. Who knew that making your bed is considered a gateway activity toward … Read More

Favorite Bathroom Design Tips

Bathrooms can be complicated. Designing a bathroom is kind of like designing for a boat – there is limited space, a need for a lot of storage, and water is a key consideration. I love bathroom design challenges, as they … Read More

Fireplace Design – The Warmth of Home

What an unpredictable few weeks of weather we have been having! I am not a huge fan of winter, but the one aspect of winter that I do look forward to is a day or night (or day into night) … Read More

Feeling Grateful for Wonderful Client Reviews

January can be a tricky month. The holiday festivities have subsided, the kids are back in school which gives me the space to reflect on the prior year and look ahead to what will come next. It is a period of … Read More

My 5 Step Program – Focus on Fitness & Well Being

Resolution-aries, resolution-ists – whatever term you would like to use – we are a force to be reckoned with as we fight to keep our New Year’s resolutions. And, yes, it is like a battle – no joke. I am … Read More

Living & Giving Local for the Holidays in Summit, NJ

I LOVE getting ready for the holidays. The decor, the gifts, the sense of family, friends and community all come together to make this my favorite time of year. As an Interior Designer, I guess it is expected that I … Read More