Acquiring Art – All it Takes is a Little Confidence & Time

Let’s talk about art. Adding art is the last element to the total design of a home. The selection, framing and installation of artwork can be the hardest part to incorporate into your overall decor. When selecting art, you want … Read More

How to Make a Valentine’s Day Birthday Super Sweet

For all of you who have a birthday that falls on a holiday, you know how your own special day can get totally overlooked by the celebration of Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, etc. Well, my daughter Brynne’s birthday falls on … Read More

Unveiling the Dressing Room

Let me see a show of hands for everyone who made a New Year’s resolution to clean their closets/get more organized/de-clutter/tidy up. WOW!!!!  I would guess I am in good company. Getting more organized is one of the most popular New … Read More

Long Live the Living Room!

Have you noticed that the Living Room is in danger of becoming extinct? It has occurred to me that one of the reasons is the trend to entertain outside of the home. Getting together for dinner, but it’s at a … Read More

Making Thanksgiving Tasteful – Decor, Food and Drink!!

I truly love Thanksgiving. It is a holiday about being thankful, being with family, and being ready to entertain!!! There are some complexities to hosting the Thanksgiving meal – I am not even talking about family relations :). Every year, … Read More

Play Action Design

There are many things I relish about the fall – vibrant foliage, crisp clear days and football!!! Yes, I am a football fan! While my preference is to head to a stadium, enjoy a well catered tailgate party, and get … Read More