Custom Furniture

Home Bar Design: Just in Time for the Holidays!

We are entering the peak holiday entertaining season which means when friends and family come over, we have to be ready to make cocktails! Getting your home bar ready is no easy task.

“The home bar is one of the pinnacles of … Read More

Holiday Prep – Heading into the Kitchen

Holiday prep time begins now. YIKES! For some reason, the holiday season really snuck up on me this year. I feel like I am still in Summer mode and yet, I am seeing ads featuring turkeys, pie, snowflakes and GIFTS!! … Read More

Re-use, Re-purpose, Re-claim, Re-invent, Re-incarnate

“Invention is the mother of necessity.” It’s a well known phrase that speaks to people being forced to figure things out for themselves. So, maybe a turn on this phrase – “Re-invention is the sister of creativity” would be an … Read More

Looking for the Silver Lining

Silver Lining – An element of hope or a redeeming quality in an otherwise unfortunate situation.

Monday, April 20th, when I heard that the beloved and historic Blithewald mansion was engulfed in flames, I was … Read More