How to Be a Gracious Host for the Holidays

The holidays are hitting fast! Thanksgiving is very early this year and then Hanukah starts right away on December 2nd and then we march right up to Christmas and New Years. Preparing for your holiday guests just got very REAL!!!

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Home Bar Design: Just in Time for the Holidays!

We are entering the peak holiday entertaining season which means when friends and family come over, we have to be ready to make cocktails! Getting your home bar ready is no easy task.

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Bringing the Fun Indoors!

After a gloriously extended summer, we are beginning to feel the Fall chill hit the East Coast. It seems like a long time since we have had to hunker down and find our entertainment in the house. I actually look … Read More

Living & Giving Local for the Holidays in Summit, NJ

I LOVE getting ready for the holidays. The decor, the gifts, the sense of family, friends and community all come together to make this my favorite time of year. As an Interior Designer, I guess it is expected that I … Read More

Long Live the Living Room!

Have you noticed that the Living Room is in danger of becoming extinct? It has occurred to me that one of the reasons is the trend to entertain outside of the home. Getting together for dinner, but it’s at a … Read More

Making Thanksgiving Tasteful – Decor, Food and Drink!!

I truly love Thanksgiving. It is a holiday about being thankful, being with family, and being ready to entertain!!! There are some complexities to hosting the Thanksgiving meal – I am not even talking about family relations :). Every year, … Read More