Coming Clean: A Fun Guide To Bathroom Personalities



The naked truth

In the private spaces of our homes, we can revel in the sides of ourselves that we don’t always put on display. The bathroom is where we can let go of our public persona and get back to basics. Peruse these distinctive bathrooms and choose the one you’d most like to spend time in. See what it suggests about your personality and some tips to get the look.

While the kitchen is often spoken of as ‘the hub of the house’, the expression could be applied just as aptly to the bathroom. It’s where we literally let it all hang out and come face to face with our most intimate selves. The place where we choose to spend time preparing to meet the world is revealing in more ways than one.

World of white

White is an enduring candidate for bathroom palettes. Surrounding ourselves in white surfaces makes us feel clean and fresh, and an all-white space can be calming to the senses.

Love this bathroom?
You’re fastidious almost to a fault, self-disciplined and well-organised. Not prone to impulsive behaviour, you prefer a cautious and sensible approach. You value efficiency highly in those around you and may be a little demanding of others.

Get The Look
Successfully combining white elements isn’t as easy as it looks. Read some tips on getting the right white for your intended space. Steer clear of a clinical look by texturising the space – a snowy white sheepskin draped on a velvet chair, a white marble vanity top, accessories in glass and crystal. Add the sensory element of aroma to enrich the ambience of an all-white bathroom, with lusciously-scented bath products.