It’s been a few years since I moved into my college dorm room – although I do feel like it was just yesterday. But with a  college aged intern working for me, I have gotten back in touch with some of the changes in college life. One big, actually HUGE change is the focus on/obsession with dorm room/apartment decor. No matter which home decor magazine or catalog I leaf through these days – there are articles, lists, how-tos, hacks, DIY’s about college room decor.

So these college dorm rooms do not look anything like the rooms I inhabited during my transformative college years. But, trust me, once you start looking into college dorm room decor, you will see the expansive industry that has been spawned. Every major name in home decor is in on the game – Pottery Barn, Target, Ikea, JCPenney, Urban OutfittersWalmart, and even Victoria’s Secret.

But it’s not just limited to these somewhat usual suspects. Entire new businesses have started from kids needing to make their new nest at college. Dormify is a great story about a mother and daughter team that started a business because of the daughter’s search for dorm appropriate decor prior to entering Washington University.

Dorm Room Decor - Dormify

Then, there is which aggregated dorm room layouts from individual colleges and let’s you move/add/buy furniture while inserting it into your specific room floor plan.

Dorm Room Floor Plan - Design Your

And, there are the lists and lists and lists of “essentials” to bring along which you can find on Bed Bath & Beyond, Pinterest, etc. After mulling through all of these tools and resources, if you still find yourself at sea, Town & Country has anticipated your needs with this recently published article “Should You Hire and Interior Decorator for Your Dorm Room?”. To which T & C answers – “Absolutely!”.

Dorm Room Decor

I did realize from researching this design niche that I had a few ideas from VGI designed rooms which translate well for a college dorm room. From left, this “teen hangout” room has some great comfy pillows, poufs and an amazing Ikea hack chandelier that you can make at home (before your departure). For the college bound music fanatic – frame albums covers (if your kid even knows what they are) for decor. And, on the right, use the comforter cover for handy and accessible technology storage and sporting paraphernalia as a design element (and get it out of your garage!). It boils down to using your prospective student’s passion (music, sports, dance, elephants, fashion, favorite colors) and designing the room around it. Plus, check out my Dream Dorm Room Board on Pinterest for a collection of ideas and resources.

Now that I have helped you out a bit on your quest to design your college student’s or your own dorm room, we need a little help here. My college intern, who also happens to be a design major, needs some assistance deciding on her room decor. Here are two options she is considering. We would love your input on which one you like best. The selection and finished product will be shared on move-in day!!! So stay tuned.

Dorm Room Decor - Pop of Color

—- OR —-

Dorm Room - Serene Space

Happy dorm room decorating. And, thanks for your input.