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Designing a memorable space doesn’t always require an over-dependence on bold designs and vibrant hues. For Valerie Grant, owner of Valerie Grant Interiors, it’s often the modest approach that makes the most impact.

“My design aesthetic is clean, understated modern design with a traditional foundation,” Valerie explains. “So I look to designers like Steven Gambrel, Victoria Hagan, Vicente Wolf and Jean-Louis Deniot for inspiration.”

That design philosophy was on full display with an astonishing spec house project she recently completed for a family looking to transform the model home into some-thing that felt a little more personal. The clients, a couple with two young children, intended to downsize into a smaller home. After seeing the design of Valerie’s own residence, they decided they wanted something similar for their place—mainly a lay-out that was both simple yet sophisticated, without a lot of effort. The clients were completely trusting and gave me free and complete control to transform their space,” says Grant.

Many of her favorite influences can be clearly seen throughout the home. Fans of Deniot, for example, will recognize a nod to his love of architectural design within the family room—especially with the clean lines and French-inspired patterns on the chair’s upholstery. Meanwhile, the mixing of modern furnishing colors within the living room offers a similar feel to the works of both Hagan and Wolf.

Perhaps one of the biggest improvements was changing the color of the walls, many of which had been painted a sunny yellow hue. To give the space a cleaner look, Valerie’s team decided to update them to an off-white finish. Doing so not only helped lighten the rooms but also offered the enduring look that the couple was seeking. Plus, the color helped provide a sense of uniformity within the home.

The couple were thrilled with the results–a timeless home that is just as welcoming to their kids as to their adult guests.

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