How to: Make a Calm Interior Expressive


On the photo: The contrast can be not only a furniture frame, but even a figure of steps

Translated from Russian

What we are so afraid of

Interiors in calm tones are surrounded by stereotypes, behind which, if you understand, are the fears of the unconscious – the fear of “seeming different”: not interesting, not original. Neutral color combinations are chosen to please everyone at once. Like, so make up only a hotel room or apartment for a day – it’s not for people with a taste that has some kind of personality. Oh yeah, no one wants to be a “man without his own opinion.” But here’s the paradox: out of fear of appearing as conformists, it is necessary to turn into them?

Introduce a dark frame into a light interior

Use the principle of “three basic colors.” They should be in every room. If all items of furniture are chosen according to the principle of color similarity, you will not blunder against logic, but the overall picture will turn out to be depressingly monotonous, soapy. Inclusions of dark details – unobtrusive, but important for perception – do not disturb the harmony of soft shades, but enhance it: emphasize simplicity and ease.

Keep in mind the whole image of the room, do not evaluate the thing solely on its own, in a vacuum. As practice shows, it is best to let in dark shades at the level of bends and details.

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