Stylish Interiors That Give Leather a New Lease of Life


Forget uncool 1980s associations – designers are now following a more muted model when it comes to leather. With the surge in popularity of non-magnolia neutral paints in recent years, our homes are increasingly becoming a blank canvas onto which we add interest through furniture and accessories. These white, grey and taupe spaces lend themselves to the layering of natural materials such as wood and leather to create a rich tapestry of texture and soft, muted colour. If you’re uncomfortable with including animal products in your home, faux versions are now just as appealing – and can be even more practical than the real thing.

Add an ottoman

Top up on textural interest in the living room by including a leather ottoman or pouf. This navy number has exposed wood framing and a quilted detail to offer more than just somewhere to put your feet up. The characterful design punctuates the all-grey suite and rug combo, lightening the look and curing it of any corporate associations.