The Savvy Staircase: What to Do With the Space Below the Stairs


The area at the bottom of the entryway staircase can be tricky to decorate — or even to put to any practical use. If you have plenty of square footage and money on hand, building a powder room, closet or office might make sense, as long as an adjoining basement staircase doesn’t block your plan. But you don’t have to do a full remodel — or even a renovation at all — to make good use of your plain old staircase space.

If your foyer can handle a larger piece of furniture but there’s not room for a full sofa, you might try a settee. This one tucks perfectly into the space at the bottom of the staircase. It’s large enough for two to chat during a party or for sitting while putting on one’s shoes. Again, there’s the occasion here to welcome some texture and color to the entry, via the piece’s upholstery, some pillows and a throw.