Suburban Swank

As Spring is officially here – I am starting to think about refreshing and redoing (honestly when am I not thinking about redoing?). I wanted to share the transformation photos from the first phase of a recently [...]

Paying it Forward

It seems like a coincidence that I started my VGI Instagram account on February 16, 2015 and almost exactly 6 years later I reached 5,000 followers! One of my first posts was the illustration below by Heather [...]

Hudson Valley Modern Farmhouse Revival

I was so thrilled to have this Hudson Valley Modern Farmhouse featured in both Homes & Gardens UK and Aspire Design & Home magazines. I would love to take you through the journey of transforming this incredibly [...]

Design for Adulting

There has been so much written about a relatively new verb - "adulting" which means acting like a responsible person. But for me, in the design sense, adulting has to do with designing for the adults in [...]


While I feel like every day is the same as the day before in the "new normal" that we are all experiencing, what I am finding that I have a lot more of is time! I spent [...]

How to Design for an Empty Nest

I have been getting a lot of calls from clients who are at "that stage" in life. You know what I mean - when the kids fly the coup and the house is left to just the [...]

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