Style for Life

Life happens – and that should guide how a home is designed. Each home I design is infused with the specific taste and needs of the clients’ lifestyle. Not only is the personality of each client reflected in the home’s aesthetic, but also the way they live – making a home more family-friendly, creating spaces for work-from-home privacy, setting off rooms for hobbies like art and music, or transforming a family home to a retreat for a newly empty-nesting couple. We listen to our clients’ unique needs and incorporate these into two essential elements — how the home looks and how it will function for each family.

Taking Design Personally

I approach each new project as if I were designing the home for myself. My style is a mix of modern and traditional with a blend of color, pattern, texture, scale and form to elevate the aesthetic in each space. I strive to create a final result that is personal and distinctive with a consistent style throughout that makes a home beautiful, comfortable and very livable.

Approachable Luxury

Your home should be the place where you feel most relaxed – a haven. If things are too precious or too fussy, it won’t be comfortable. Using materials and furnishings that can stand up to a home where children, pets, playing, and entertaining happens is my ultimate goal. Ideally, a home is a place to live well.

Details Matter

It’s all in the details. Nothing is more true when it comes to designing a home. There are thousands of decisions to be made when designing a new home or renovating an existing home. I am extremely detail-oriented not only in they way I design but also to ensure that all aspects of the design process run smoothly. Working with architects, contractors, tradespeople and artisans, my team ensures that all design decisions are thoroughly vetted. I am fortunate to have assembled an amazing group of professionals who deliver exceptional results.

Grounded in Fashion

I began my career as a professional in the fashion industry (working for over 15 years for luxury brands including Prada, Ralph Lauren, Coach, J Crew and Barney’s New York) and my approach to home design has its underpinnings in the modes of dressing. I design spaces by building and layering, mixing textures and patterns, creating contrasts and complements, adding accents of color, and finally accessorizing to complete the look. My ultimate goal is making your home the place you love to live!