East Coast Home + Design

The 2016 Designers Issue

White by Design

The meaning of the color white is purity, innocence, wholeness and completeness. Designer Valerie Grant has an appreciation for the color white, and in these two projects she captures its true essence through the use of textiles and paint.

When Valerie’s services were requested at a new construction home in Greenwich, CT, she went to work designing the master bedroom and bath suite. Valerie’s clients did not specifically request white, but they wanted the rooms to feel serene, comfortable and elegant. To Valerie, “white is timeless and understated, just as it is in fashion, which is why it always feels current.”
The bathroom feels pure and clean, and is an oasis of calming versions of white. The fresh white fur rug is welcoming, it “provides another layer of comfort and elegance to the room, and it softens the harder stone surfaces,” says Valerie. The fur is again echoed in the luxurious throw on the upholstered chair—something the homeowners wanted to add to the bathroom to provide comfortable seating. The clear outdoor light shines through the large windows above the focal point of the large silver-framed tub.

In the master bedroom, the homeowners wanted a fireplace and a relaxing private seating area that would allow for a place to unwind— thus, the club chairs that flank the inviting fireplace and provide a comfortable place to decompress. Valerie’s use of drapes in the master bedroom helps to anchor and soften the windows, while the thick, luxurious pleats offer texture and softness.

Valerie often uses white or soft neutral colors as the backdrop for her designs. While white in particular feels incredibly clean and refined, she also loves using different shades of white together to add dimension, from bright true whites to creamier tones. She says she makes sure to incorporate a “variety of materials, textures and details to elevate the overall design and create interest in a room. “
Valerie believes “you never tire of white,” and she can’t think of “a more soothing color to surround yourself in.” She also thinks that white can be powerful if used to create the overall look of a room, or in a more pared-back way as an accent color.

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