Party Decor

Living & Giving Local for the Holidays in Summit, NJ

I LOVE getting ready for the holidays. The decor, the gifts, the sense of family, friends and community all come together to make this my favorite time of year. As an Interior Designer, I guess it is expected that I … Read More

Making Thanksgiving Tasteful – Decor, Food and Drink!!

I truly love Thanksgiving. It is a holiday about being thankful, being with family, and being ready to entertain!!! There are some complexities to hosting the Thanksgiving meal – I am not even talking about family relations :). Every year, … Read More

4th of July Celebration

There is absolutely nothing better than having a day to celebrate with friends and family, kids and adults. For July 4th, we had a day into night party at our home. My daughter, Brynne, pitched in with her patriotic and essential … Read More