Resolution-aries, resolution-ists – whatever term you would like to use – we are a force to be reckoned with as we fight to keep our New Year’s resolutions. And, yes, it is like a battle – no joke. I am looking for your support this year and I am looking to support you in our mutual goal to keep our New Year’s resolutions – to focus on fitness and well being.

To make sure I am thoughtful about my commitment, I have developed a 5 step program to help keep me on track.

New Years Resolutions - Fitness

Step 1. Get New Workout Clothes – It’s part of the commitment. If you look good, you feel good. So, I took myself down to the lululemon store in Summit and picked up a few things. Crystal was my sales person. She was terrific and so enthusiastic about working at lululemon, describing it as the “healthiest place I’ve ever worked” emphasizing that the store isn’t about the people who work there rather it’s about the community. WOW – I left there with new workout gear and a really positive outlook!

New Year's Resolutions

Step 2.  Be Accountable to Someone – That someone is unique for everyone. It could be your friend, spouse, sister, mother, daughter. For me, that someone is Jason Hill. Jason owns JH Training. I workout with Jason for personal training with two friends in our home gym. I like to have someone who shows up twice a week and focuses me on sticking to my commitment. What’s great about Jason is that he also has a 3:60 Home Fitness Program that you can purchase on his website and do on your own at home.

Home Exercise Room

Jason Hill | JH Training – Valerie Grant Interiors

Step 3.  Mix it Up – My new workout strategy is to change it up. I love having something new to do every day to get/stay in shape. By adding in different types of exercise, new venues and a fresh group of fitness instructors and friends, I can/hope to keep things interesting. My fitness schedule includes trips to The Bar Method in Summit. I particularly LOVE the Bar Express class because it is fast paced and super charged to maximize caloric burn and give you a full body workout in just 45 minutes! Not to mention the new ab work – floor core – which is ah-mazing! Owners Angie Comiteau and Jen Hedrick along with their incredible staff do a great job motivating the class while focusing on each student and correcting their form to ensure a safe and effective workout. The result – a beautiful, lean, toned and healthy body.

The Bar Method | Summit

The Bar Method | Summit, NJ

One of my specific fitness goals is to improve my cardio strength, which is why I love taking classes at the Summit Y with Meme Harris, who is a National Certified Les Mills instructor. Her classes are super high energy to provide an intense cardio workout: BODYCOMBAT a high-energy martial arts inspired workout or GRIT – a 30 minute High-Intensity Interval Training workout (HIIT) and CXWORX which focuses on exercising the muscles around the core. The classes are intense and invigorating and the added benefit is the amount of calories you burn!

The Summit Y - Meme H. Fitness Class

The Summit Y | Summit, NJ

Step 4.  Start Every Day on the Right Track – “You are what you eat.” And, that really is the key to staying in shape. Each morning I am going to start out with a healthy breakfast (the most important meal of the day – BTW) like greek yogurt, berries and almonds (unsalted). If I set the right tone for myself, the rest of the day should (operative word here) go smoothly. I also love the blog Cookie & Kate for it’s healthy and delicious mostly plant based recipes where you can find “good” and “good for you” recipes for every meal of the day – including the most important snacks!!

Healthy Breakfast

Step 5.  Treat Yourself Well – I will share with you my daily indulgence. It’s not expensive and it doesn’t take up a lot of time. I know you are thinking “then how can it be that good?” Well, it is, trust me. There is nothing better after a workout than stepping into a bathroom that feels like a spa. I like to take a hot shower with my favorite Jo Malone Body & Hand Wash. All of their scents are wonderful but I particularly love the ones with citrus – the aroma created in the hot steam is intoxicating and reviving!

Master Bathroom Decor

Valerie Grant Interiors | Photography by Peter Rymwid

Okay, so there it is. 5 easy steps! Let’s stay together on this and keep our resolution!

Happy New Year!!